10 weeks pregnant symptoms
10 weeks pregnant symptoms

10 weeks pregnant symptoms

10 weeks pregnant symptoms; 10th week of pregnancy is a stage where you can’t hide our pregnancy from the world and even if you are unable to find out your pregnancy, then you’ll come to know about your pregnancy. This is very obvious that you’ll get a little panicky and will search “10 weeks pregnant symptoms” or “Just found out I’m pregnant what should I do?” sort of statements. This is not stupid; this is obvious.
Let’s have a look at all the symptoms that take place in the tenth week of pregnancy

10 weeks pregnant symptoms

10 weeks pregnant symptoms

Symptoms and Changes in your body

Different body changes will occur in the tenth week. Your belly will start growing round, ball-shaped, because of the expansion of uterus.
You will gain a little bit of weight, a pound or two may be. But if you will be still going through the morning sickness then you may not gain weight.
Veins in your belly and breasts will become quite prominent. The reason lies behind the increase in the blood volume in your body.
You will be feeling fatigue, constipation, heartburn, bloating, gas and food cravings and aversions.
You’ll experience an increased vaginal discharge. This is because estrogen levels increase during pregnancy. This is also called Pregnancy discharge, and it should be thin and milky with a mild odor. You can wear a panty liner for the sake of comfort but don’t go for douching or tampons.
The tenth week can also cause abdominal pain. This is because the round ligaments around your uterus stretch are resulting in abdominal pain. This is not any abnormal pain; it’s normal. If you feel pain mild or strong, try to move your body more but slowly and take some time while standing up. This will help you a lot in reducing the abdominal pain, if not then it will, at least, minimize the pain.

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