3 months pregnant

3 Months Pregnant symptom and diet tips

Are you 3 months pregnant? if yes then you need to read this in detail.  Pregnancy is a very remarkable job for a woman to manage. Reaching in the 12th week of pregnancy looks like only the mother knows that she is pregnant.  Other can’t see a baby bump and no apparent symptoms. It is only the mother who deals with nausea, invariable peeing and insatiable food cravings. The small fragile in your womb is growing in every second and this month, the imperative buds of the baby will start forming. This is the month of heart, genitals, vocal cords, kidney, and eyes formation.


3 months pregnant

Third-month pregnancy is very essential to be cared and managed as most of the miscarriages happen in this month, so it is critical for the mother and fetus. Your body starts producing extra hormones during the third month, and your skin looks very fresh and shiny. Mother feels some weight in breast and uterus. The weight is about 1.2-2kg. A noticeable change in your skin is a sign of hormonal changes. Some women look fresh and some experience very oily or dry skin. A three-month pregnant woman should drink plenty of water, juices or shakes for having healthy skin. In this month, your baby looks more like a human than an embryo. Your baby’s body appears as a bone, and his fingers and toes can be seen clearly.
•    In the 9th week of pregnancy, a mother feels changes in her looks and skin. Different mothers can experience dry skin, oily skin, and glowing skin.
•    The clothes get tighter from breast and waist in the 10th week. The uterus is now changed into the shape of an orange. Your baby has small fingers and toes in this week.
•    In the 11th-week mother experience, constipation and pregnancy hormones relax your intestine. However if you feel the pain, you must consult your doctor. In this week, your baby’s genitals (testicles and ovaries) have been formed.
•    In the 12th-week uterus growth starts and can be seen in your pelvis. A mother feels less nausea and less fatigue. Baby eyes have been developed including eyelids and the shape of the head is becoming round day by day. You baby movements start in the amniotic fluid.
Diet tilts for 3 months pregnant mothers
In the third month of pregnancy a woman’s weight and smelling sense increases amazingly, you will feel fretfulness and go through mood swings. You weight will start increasing, and your food antipathy will be very high. An expecting mother must eat eggs, potatoes and vegetables with green leaves and other food items having a good amount of vitamin B6. You must eat fresh fruits as they are rich in nutrients and have a proper quantity of water in them.
A woman must eat food having a high amount of carbohydrates as they can increase the energy of mother and fetus. You must eat potatoes, atta, rice or bread. Iron and fiber are a necessary element to be taken in by a three-month pregnant lady, so you must include beans, meat, oranges, oatmeal, broccoli and fish (tuna) in your diet. Use dairy products like yogurt, ghee, butter and cheese in your diet to provide a good amount of calcium for the strength of baby bones and limb.
In the end, you must be very careful in choosing a healthy diet for a small living thing inside you!

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