3 weeks pregnant symptoms

3 weeks pregnant symptoms

You missed your monthly cycle and now you want to know about 3 weeks pregnant symptoms, here is answer of your all questions about 3 weeks pregnant symptoms.

3 weeks pregnant symptoms

3 weeks pregnant symptoms

Pregnancy is a wonderful miracle and for many women who are expecting their first child every stage is a unique experience. At three weeks, one is still in their first trimester and not showing much however, certain symptoms start to occur which one needs to be aware of so that you can deal with them easily.

Tingling sensation in the nipples:

 One of the most common symptoms at three weeks is a tingling sensation in your nipples. Nipples can become quite sore in the early days of pregnancy because blood flow increases making them quite sensitive.

Food cravings:

Furthermore, during this time you may start developing certain types of cravings. You may feel quite hungry and start developing likeness to certain types of food but also at the same time you may also start developing aversion to certain kinds of food that you may have previously liked. For instance you may start to have craving for chocolate or fried food and start feeling nauseous from tea or coffee or anything else. Other than that many women start having a sort of metallic taste in their mouths which could put them off food. Read more about Pregnancy Diet Plan.

Body pains:

Some women may also start having cramps or abdominal pains which can be managed by putting hot water bottle to soothe the muscles as many women avoid taking any painkillers and medication during pregnancies.

Morning sickness:

 Morning sickness is yet another very common symptom, however, in most women it usually occurs around six weeks but can start as early as three to four weeks depending from person to person. Morning sickness usually occurs near the date of your period.

Hormonal changes:

Pregnancy brings about a lot of hormonal changes. One may go through major mood swings and feel over sensitive at times. Don’t worry if the smallest of things may make you cry or weep; it’s completely normal to feel this way. You may also feel exhausted and tired most of the time and its best to rest when you experience bouts of exhaustion.


Moreover, some women may start experiencing insomnia which is not unusual during pregnancy. The best way to deal with this is to sleep whenever you feel tired or sleepy and even if you can’t sleep all night, spend time reading a book or watching a good movie to pass the time. Your body is going through a major change and that means it would take time for your body to get used to your new condition.

It is important to keep in mind that at three weeks you may be suffering from certain symptoms but many people don’t know if they are pregnant or not as three weeks is to early thus when you find out the doctor usually starts counting from the day you missed your first period. Your body will not change much at three weeks and even if you feel symptoms, they will most likely not be much intense. Most symptoms start occurring around five to six weeks. Pregnancy is a beautiful journey and although there will be some uncomfortable times at the end of the day it is all worth it.

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