4 Months Pregnant

4 Months Pregnant

Whether you have been expecting and knew you were pregnant or have to get on the phone to and shock everyone with “I just found out I’m pregnant” news, there is a lot going on with your baby and you at 4 months. If you weren’t expecting it is not uncommon to find out at 16 weeks. Up to 4 months pregnant you may not have shown any sizes such as nausea and spotting may have happened which could lead you to believe you weren’t pregnant when reality was a different story.

4 Months Pregnant

A lot of the just found out I’m pregnant stories happen around 4 months because that is usually when most people start showing. Before 4 months you may have shown a little bit but it’s easy to miss a small bump or dismiss it as bloating or causes other than pregnancy. In any case, you now know you are 4 months pregnant so you have a lot to expect!

Your Baby When You Are 4 Months Pregnant

When you are 4 months pregnant your baby is probably the size of an average avocado, about 4 and a half inches long. During this period, the arms and legs will be fully formed and joints will begin to work which means the baby may start stretching and flexing the new limbs. While most movement will be minimal, this is also when many babies begin to stretch their head out as their back muscles begin to strengthen.

Since so much is going on when you are 4 months pregnant, it is around this time that your first ultrasound will be scheduled. If you are in the same situation as others who just found out I’m pregnant, having an ultrasound during this time is highly recommended so you can not only see your baby for the first time but work with your doctor to learn about vitamins and other pregnancy care.

What to Expect When You Are 4 Months Pregnant

If you are one of the people caught off guard you will have to go through the process of telling people “I just found out I’m pregnant” but you are lucky enough that you missed a lot of early pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness. When you are 4 months pregnant morning sickness usually starts to go away, but it can give way to heartburn and a lot of food cravings.

During 16 weeks of pregnancy, you might start to notice additional swelling of the feet and other joints as well. This is going to continue throughout the duration of your pregnancy, so as soon as you start to notice discomfort with your shoes it’s probably a good time to start thinking about maternity wear.

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