5 months pregnant

5 Months Pregnant Can You Feel Baby Move?

5 Months Pregnant Can You Feel Baby Move Now

5 Months Pregnant Knowing that you are having a baby can be the best thing in the world especially if you are a female. But with this great happiness comes a period of discomfort and pain. Pregnancy can be a really difficult stage in any woman’s life. To produce a healthy offspring the mother needs to take care of certain things and know what changes she might get during such a phase.

5 months pregnant

Some women find out after a few months of their pregnancy and saying things like “Just found out I’m pregnant. What to do?” Pregnancy might seem scary and painful but it is not all that bad if you behave accordingly. In the first few months, in the first trimester, symptoms of pregnancy start to appear. The mother freaks out noticing all the changes in her body.

During the twentieth week and in the middle of the second trimester of pregnancy the mother notices relatively fewer symptoms. When the mother is 5 months pregnant the Fetus/baby has developed enough to make the mother notice its presence but is not large enough to cause any significant pressure on a mother’s organs.

The best feeling of this phase is that the mother feels the baby move for the first time which usually feels like a feather stroking on her insides or like gas bubbles. Mothers who have had babies before can sense these movements at an earlier stage than the first timers.

Now question is that 5 months pregnant is how many weeks, and reply is very simple, its your 20th week.

There are a few symptoms of pregnancy that last throughout. Among them are heartburn and breast enlargement. During the second trimester, the breasts of the mother enlarge considerably along with the small bumps encircling the nipples (Montgomery’s Glands). The nipples will continue to darken. At this stage, the mother’s breasts start producing Colostrum which is a viscous, yellowish fluid that nourishes infants after birth before the milk comes in the breasts.

5 Months Pregnant Baby Size

A mother that is 5 months pregnant can bleed through gums which can cause oral problems and discomfort. Visiting a dentist in this period and brushing your teeth regularly and keeping the mouth clean can reduce gum bleeding. It is a myth, which is definitely not true, that mothers lose teeth during pregnancy.

The estrogen and progesterone levels along with melanin increase considerably during the middle period of the second trimester of pregnancy. This can cause darkening of various areas on the mother’s skin. A pregnant woman might also develop a dark line originating from her pubic bone to her navel. An estimated amount of ninety percent pregnant women faced this undesirable symptom.

Having nightmares during this period of the pregnancy is a common symptom in mothers. This is thought to be caused by a combination of insomnia and the worries of motherhood. These nightmares may freak out mothers but this is normal and can be reduced by relaxing and talking about them with your partner.

At this stage, the baby has developed enough that his gender can be known by an ultrasound. This can cause a very positive effect on the mother and let her know that she is half way through the process of bringing a beautiful life in this world.


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