pregnancy exercises

Pregnancy Exercises for Normal Delivery

Pregnancy exercises should be an important part of your regular routine, but it is especially important for pregnant mommies. Pregnancy exercises can help pregnant mothers to feel as healthy as possible.

10 Safe Exercises Options For Pregnant Mommies

Some of the other benefits of exercise include improved posture, less fatigue, lower risk of gestational diabetes, combatted stress, healthier weight management and ultimately easier labor.

All of these perks can help fuel pregnant mommies’ motivations to get moving! While on the move and getting in your fitness during pregnancy, it is also very important to take certain precautions.  It is absolutely imperative to talk with your doctor to establish the best possible workout plan.

pregnancy exercises

Pregnancy Exercises

Ideal Exercise Options During Pregnancy

Here are some safe options to get mommies started!

10 Safe & Energizing Exercise Ideas

  1. Swimming: Swimming is thought to be one of the best possible exercise options for pregnant women. It is touted as one of the best options because it provides a good muscular and cardiovascular workout with the feeling of weightlessness. The buoyancy of a pregnant mother in the pool can relieve weight and allow for a smooth workout with zero impact on the joints.
  1. Water Aerobics: Low-impact aerobics are highly recommended to expectant mothers. The benefits of low impact aerobics paired with the weightlessness of water provide an efficient and comfortable workout for the whole body.
  1. Walking: Walking allows women to get in a cardiovascular workout without the high impact of running or jogging. Walking is also an easy workout because you do not need anything but a comfortable and supportive pair of shoes to get started.
  1. Squatting: Although pregnant mothers should not be squatting for long periods of time there are many benefits to this particular exercise. Squatting should be done to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle, decrease pain, and prepare for labor. Squatting has been claimed to help with a speedier delivery.
  1. Stationary Bike: Similarly to swimming and walking, the stationary bike is another option for low-impact cardiovascular exercise. Use your local gym to ride the stationary bike or even get a bike for your own home. The great thing about these fitness machines is they allow you to adjust resistance based on current fitness levels, this means that pregnant women who are ultra-fit and are regular exercisers can increase resistance, while those who are not can set it lower so they do not overburden their bodies.
  1. Yoga: Yoga is an amazing exercise for toning muscles. It also does wonders to keep mothers at maximum flexibility. Balance your cardiovascular workouts by adding yoga to your routine. You will find many physiological benefits, as well as calming and therapeutic psychological benefits. Yoga is a mind-body exercise which means that it calms the mind and alleviates stress and anxiety, two issues of special concern for many newly expectant moms.
  1. Pilates: Similarly to yoga, Pilates offers total body toning and improved strength. Without straining your body, Pilates allows pregnant moms to build a strong core, and strengthen their back, pelvic, and abdominal muscles. Read more about Natural Remedies For Pregnancy Back Pain.
  1. Dancing: Dancing can be done at home, in a class, or even out at a spacious venue. Start dancing to get in a cardiovascular workout. Have fun with your dancing, but do not to try to land any complicated twirls or moves. Keep it simple with your favorite music and movies.
  1. Stretching: By stretching the body can stay flexible and agile during pregnancy. This can help pregnant mothers to feel more mobile when muscular strain increases. Add stretching to your routine for a more well-rounded approach to fitness.
  1. Step or Elliptical Machines: Another option for low-impact cardio is the step or elliptical machine. This is a more strenuous workout, so be sure to check with your doctor.

Moves & Grooves to Avoid

  • Exercising in hot weather
  • Scuba diving
  • Lying on your back for extended time
  • Deep bending
  • Contact sports
  • Excessive jumping

Sometimes Rest is Best

Although exercise is very important, it is also important to consider the health of the mother, her baby, and other vital factors. Women who experience ailments like heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, and other gestational complications may be advised to steer clear of physical activity. Speak with your obstetrician to create a personalized plan.

With a better understanding of exercises during pregnancy, we can start tackling fitness! Discuss pregnancy exercises during your pregnancy to find the right plan for you. With the right low impact exercises mommies can have the best pregnancy experience possible.

Fight symptoms, risks, and other complications of pregnancy along with maintaining weight control with a natural remedy—exercise.


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