Pregnancy Tips

Pregnancy Tips every new mom should know

Pregnancy Tips every new mom should know

Pregnancy and family are two of the most awaited and precious things for a woman. Once a couple has planned for a family there is no exact science to follow, but few Pregnancy tips can help a woman to conceive early.

Pregnancy Tips

Take Folic Acid and a Healthy Diet

The women who are seeking the pregnancy tips shall not say down that before expecting and during pregnancy 400mcg folic acid supplement shall be added to the daily diet plan. It is recommended that a woman must eat the organic and healthy diet that contains all the essential nutrients. Folic Acid is good for health and also assures that the unborn baby is safe from chronic diseases like Spina Bifida.

De-Stress Yourself

Stress is a common issue among many people today, and a tough lady reduces her chances to get pregnant. Busy Lifestyle and stress from the workplace and managing the hectic routine is not good. Free your mind and soul from stress if you are trying to conceive a baby. These habits ensure good health for you and the baby as well.

A very real pregnancy Tip is to take care of your emotions, manage your stress levels and take time out to relax.

Quit Tobacco and Alcohol Intake

It’s a universal fact that tobacco and alcohol are injurious to health, but this is important to be noticed that it reduces fertility as well. The women who do not take tobacco and alcohol have more chances to conceive a baby than those who takes them.

It’s not this simple that one day you will get up and tell Found out I am pregnant, but it requires some changes and improvements in the lifestyle, not only for women but men as well. The medical research says that men who smoke tobacco have a poor quality sperm and have fewer chances for embryo development.


Maintain a Healthy Weight

A healthy weight means a balanced weight with height and age. Too skinny or too heavy both are inappropriate for getting pregnant. Excess weight can cause polycystic ovarian syndrome which is a hormone imbalance affecting the fertility and sometimes results in miscarriages. Eating a healthy diet and cut short of fast food and inorganic drinks helps to maintain a proper weight and leads to more chances of getting pregnant.

Have Sex

This is the law of nature that a happy sexual life leads to early and healthy pregnancy. This is important pregnancy tip, that relax, and happy sex is essential for a couple who want to conceive. This is recommended to have sex thrice a week worrying not about the cycle. The positions and time of sex are not defined scientifically, and the best tip is to enjoy the sex without stressing about orgasm and time.

Note your Cycle

Gynecologists advice to have sex throughout the month and thrice a week but there are some specific days of a month when there are maximum chances to get pregnant. To keep it simple, a woman gets pregnant when sperm meets egg, and the egg comes out once a month around four days in a cycle. Gape of about six days after a period is appropriate to conceive.

Follow these pregnancy tips and one day you say to your spouse that I just found out I am Pregnant, hurry. 😎

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