sex during pregnancy

Safe Sex During Pregnancy:Things You Need To Know

Is sex during pregnancy is safe for you and your baby? Many partners worry having sex during pregnancy; they fear that sexual intercourse could hurt the baby or might cause pain for the pregnant women.

Sex During Pregnancy

sex during pregnancy

The baby is well protected by a fluid in the womb and mother’s uterus. No injury will occur during gentle, loving sex and the fetus is unconcern what his/her mother and father are doing. Mothers or pregnant women with normal pregnancy, sex is considered safe during in all stages of the pregnancy. But if your pregnancy is at high risk, you may need to be more cautious and need some advice from your health care provider.

Women who are pregnant want on different position/ style which means they have a higher sex drive than when they are not pregnant. But many expectant mothers find that their desire for sex fluctuated during certain stages of the pregnancy and lost their interest on having sex. They are worried and feels uncomfortable as their body getting larger. Women also lose their desire and motivation because they are preoccupied of the excitement of becoming a mother but afraid of labor pain during delivery. During the arousal and orgasm, some women experience mild contractions, but this contraction is not the same as when you are in labor. However, sex may be off limits if the pregnant women have certain complications such as vaginal bleeding, or any problem related to pregnancy. Low lying placenta can cause some bleeding occur that sometimes women bleed a lot and compromise the baby.

Pregnant women with chlamydia or gonorrhea must undergo a series of test, and sexual intercourse is not allowed to avoid the risk for the baby. A woman infected with herpes has the chances of passing the virus onto her baby during the time of birth. Thus, it is recommended to have one sex partner to avoid any complications. But on pregnant women that have a lot of complications and advice to avoid sex they often spent their time on talking, massages, kissing, cuddling and holding each other.

Here are a few guiding principles for safe sex during pregnancy:

1. Sexual Position
Men should highly consider the position of women during the intercourse. A side-lying position is the most comfortable position for women, especially when their bellies have grown to be more pregnant looking. This way, there is not much pressure drawn to the woman’s abdomen. The supine position should be avoided as it can compromise the oxygen supply going to the baby.

2. Penetration
Deep penetration should be avoided. Men have the tendency to be harsh or be overly excited to the point where they forget to consider safe sex during pregnancy. Men need to consider that deep or hard penetration can compromise the safety of the woman and the baby. Vaginal bleeding may arise, and when worse comes to worst, miscarriage may take place. Vaginal pain with vaginal bleeding needs to be reported as it may have other lingering complications that need to be attended to.

3. Play
Insertion of any foreign object such as sex toys or the insertion of the finger is a big no. Some couples may be used to playing and experimenting when love-making, however, this kind of play should never be an option when making love during pregnancy. Couples should not engage in anal sex as well. This kind of sexual play will cause severe infection to the woman and eventually may lead to the death of either the woman or the baby if left untreated.

4. Prenatal History
Each pregnancy is different. Some women may not be as healthy as the others. Women who have the history of miscarriage, early dilation of the cervix, and premature labor should not engage in sex during their pregnant state. Sex during pregnancy may put them at a high risk and may be life threatening for them.

5. STD
Sex during pregnancy should be avoided if either partner has been exposed to sexually transmitted disease. When having this condition, it is best to speak to an expert or a gynecologist for best advice.

6. Respect a Refusal
Physical discomforts may be a hindrance to the woman’s eagerness or drive of making out. Physical fatigue or exhaustion makes sex during pregnancy unpleasant for the woman at times. This feeling should be honored by the partner. Even if safe sex during pregnancy is possible, a refusal should always be respected. Other forms of intimacy can be an alternative to maintaining the spark in the relationship. Safe sex during pregnancy allows married couples to keep their relationship healthy, granting that it is done with consideration of both parties. Sex can be done during pregnancy, but it does not mean that it should be done. The couple should be open to each other’s prerogative even if safe sex can be done.


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