Bleeding While Pregnant

When to Worry When Bleeding While Pregnant

Bleeding while pregnant can cause some serious problems during pregnancy.  In this post we have discussed all the issue and solutions of bleeding while pregnant.  Vaginal bleeding, no matter how light, during pregnancy can traumatic, especially among first- time moms. But, in the first trimester, bleeding while pregnant is common and does not affect the health of the babies at all.  No matter the circumstance, vaginal bleeding at any stage of the pregnancy should not be taken lightly. You just need to know about when it is normal and when it is not so you can spare yourself the trouble of panicking over something that is considered normal.

Bleeding While Pregnant

Bleeding While Pregnant

When Not to Worry?

Implantation bleeding happens between 10 to 14 weeks after conception. Hormonal changes, infections, sexual intercourse, and an internal exam could also potentially cause bleeding while pregnant. Women who are having their first babies usually panic and call the doctor and report with disappointment “I just found out I’m pregnant, but I think I’m wrong.” Well, this is a common incidence in which there is a light bleeding similar to a menstrual period. A test is usually done for confirmation of pregnancy, and an assurance that the baby will be okay should be enough to pacify the mother. There is no need for medications as the bleeding will come to an end on its own. Immediate reporting to the doctor is however required if there is persistent bleeding even after the 14th week.
When to Call Your Health Care Provider
After the first trimester, the risk of miscarriage due to early complications, like molar and ectopic pregnancies, is greatly diminished. Spotting is also uncommon but bleeding during this period should be taken seriously. Severe bleeding while pregnant on the second half of pregnancy is usually caused by placental abruption or the tearing of placenta from the uterine wall. This is a life- threatening condition that can harm both the mom and the baby. Preterm labor during the 37th week is also another instance of a grave pregnancy threat in which bleeding is accompanied with contractions and abdominal pain. At this point, a specialist should be seen at once to get a thorough assessment and proper management.
When you reach the final weeks of pregnancy, vaginal discharge may have some blood on it. This is called a bloody show and should not be a cause of panic as it is a normal sign of actual labor. This would warrant a call to the midwife or the doctor and the perfect time to gather the needed things for delivery.
What needs to be straightened out about bleeding while pregnant is that no matter how scant or what stage it happens, a woman is expected to be mindful of her condition. It is your responsibility to take note of everything relevant like activities were done before the incident and color (deep red or pinkish) of the blood. These details are what the doctor will ask in order to gauge how serious the bleeding is. It is best to remember that it pays to be aware about what may cause bleeding tendencies so you will know if there is a reason to worry.


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