Zofran during pregnancy

Do you want to know all about zofran during pregnancy and birth defects? What’s are side effect, is zofran safe during pregnancy or similar question.  Read all the latest research below and find out your answer.

Comprehending Zofran

Zofran medication tends to block the chemicals in the body that leads to halting of causal chemicals causing vomiting and nausea. Zofran must not be used if you are allergic to certain medications. Zofran should be consumed under medical supervision.

Zofran During Pregnancy

zofran during pregnancy

The potential risks of consuming Zofran

Zofran in pregnancy 2015 has been a matter of great discussion. If you might have been feeling the symptoms of morning sickness during gestation period, the doctors would generally advice you to consume Zofran. The medicine is administered either in tablet form (mg) or liquid suspension (ml). More than one million of pregnant women are advised to take this medicine in order to treat the morning sickness. Zofran dosage is considered as a good cure for vomiting sensations. It hampers the working of all those receptors that are the sole factors of causing nausea.

Though Zofran is considered to be a very effective drug in treating the morning sickness, yet it poses some health hazards because Zofran in pregnancy fda warning has been the hot topic of discussion. This medication is not approved by FDA and has been said to be producing dire effects on the pregnant women and on their fetus. Consuming Zofran may pose innumerable negative impact on the fetus and its future. Thus, the mother has to take a lot of care if she has decided to consume these pills.

 The birth defects resulting from Zofran

zofran birth defects

There are various effects of Zofran on fetus. Studies have found the link between Zofran and cleft palate. Cleft palate is basically a type of birth defect in which the mouth of child fails to open and close properly. Consuming Zofran in first trimester had also given rise to several issues. It has been seen that the mothers who consumed Zofran were seen to produce facially defective babies. In such cases, the babies have to undergo the surgery in the first year of their life and have to face the following problems:

  • Unremitting malnutrition
  • Impairments in the heart
  • Problems related to teeth
  • Speech issues
  • Scars
  • Any sort of physical deformity

You must be thinking that does Zofran causes birth defects? Well, Zofran has been regarded as the category B medication for the pregnancy, which means that the particular remedy has not been considered to be safe for use and so there are certain birth defects of Zofran. Let us throw a look on them:

  • Cleft palate
  • Diseases related to the heart
  • Malformation of the kidney
  • Defects in the skeleton
  • Restriction in the growth of the fetus
  • Abortion
  • Stillbirth

Aftermath of Zofran during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Zofran during breastfeeding

You would like to know, Is Zofran safe when breastfeeding? No such studies reflect whether ondansetron is harmful during breastfeeding or not. However, before you use it, you must seek the help of a certified medical practitioner.

Under the class B of medication, falls Zofran pregnancy category which transparently states that it is unsafe to be consumed by the expecting mothers because of whom Zofran during pregnancy and birth defects has become a topic of discussion in the medical world. Many birth defects related to mouth and heart has been seen in the infants whose mothers consumed Zofran during the pregnancy.

Zofran in pregnancy ACOG has stated that it is an unsafe drug as it causes many birth defects and proves to be quite hazardous during the pregnancy. Morning sickness is synonymous with pregnancy but still many women are not desirous of taking the help because they are worried about the side effects of the medication on their child. Here is the list of Zofran Birth defects:

  • Defect of Atrial Septal
  • Cleft palate
  • Cleft lip
  • The growth of the fetus is obstructed in the womb
  • Murmur of the heart
  • Jaundice
  • Death of the fetus
  • Ventricular septal defect

Fussing through the lawsuits

Zofran Lawsuit Settlement

The Zofran Lawsuit Settlement has been a big issue and the maker of the medicine has not approved the allegations raised by the Justice Department. However, the company agreed to pay the lump sum in order to move out of the lawful mess. These Zofran lawsuit payouts were made in order to avoid any sort of further litigation. It is because of this huge sum of remuneration that zofran lawsuit success came into limelight. Now just think of the repercussion, had the company not paid the penalty amount what would have been the scene. The company would have been rolling in the mess of litigation. The Zofran lawsuit 2015 had been the big news as the mothers who used this medical drug gave birth to the children with certain facial and dental defects that they will have to carry till eternity. The former zofran users continue to file the lawsuit against this drug company for the loss that they had to bear at the cost of their child. The company knew that the drug passes through the placenta and harms the baby, yet this medicine continued to be marketed freely. You must be wondering about the Zofran settlements how much money; well, the answer is three billion dollars. It was after the payment of this sum that the legal ghost stopped following Zofran. The Zofran lawsuit payout amount mounting up to three billion US dollars aided a lot.

The risks caused by Zofran

Zofran Birth Defects 2015 recently stated that consuming this medicine to cure the morning sickness poses severe birth defects on the fetus and may also be the cause of injury to the mother. In case, if anyone asks that is Zofran safe during pregnancy, then just nod your head in disapproval. It is made up of such components which pose a potential health hazard to both the mother and her growing fetus. Post consumption of Zofran brings the pre-natal stage under scrutiny of doctors to keep the growing life safe from the hazard. All impacts of Zofran are crystal clear and the true story is there in the public.

The potential risks of Zofran during pregnancy have been found in millions of mothers who unfortunately gave birth to the effected child. This pill not only caused a pessimistic impact on the child but also harmed the health of pregnant mother.

There are several Zofran birth defects like cleft lip, cleft palate, dental problems, heart issues, et cetera. These birth defects are more likely to grow in the future. If the surgery is performed on these flaws, then more issues are likely to grow. So Zofran and Pregnancy 2015 recommendations clearly state that the doctors must not advice pregnant woman to consume this drug because it has adverse effect on both the mother and the offspring.

Zofran 1st trimester study clearly states that consuming zofran in first trimester pregnancy has cause the birth of babies having several facial blemishes. They also suffered from imperfect cardiac functioning and the defects of dentine palate, labial region and oral cavity. Speaking with precision, the fetus records stunted growth in their heaven (womb). So Zofran FDA warning 2014 has clearly obstructed the use of this particular medication as its pessimistic impacts knew no bounds. Thus, many blokes suffered after using it and the lives of many babies was blemished because of its intake.

The Zofran effects of baby have been seen by the world and so many women who experience the morning sickness during pregnancy have avoided using any sort of medication, as it will harm two lives, that is, the conceiver and the conceived. After facing the sturdy autumn, the Zofran and pregnancy side effects have become a grave concern of discussion in the medical community and now many medical practitioners avoid prescribing it for the pregnant ladies.

Recall of Zofran

According to Zofran recall 2015, it is totally safe for the pregnant women to consume it which means that Zofran recalled for pregnant women. This move aims to draw light towards the positive image if the Zofran drug. The drug enables the women to enjoy their first step on the ladder of motherhood. It is also beneficial for the working ladies who cannot afford to sit back at home citing issues of morning sickness.

Is Zofran really safe for usage?

You just found out Im pregnant and now you must be wondering about the common side effect of Zofran. The common effects are the deficiencies in the face, mouth, dental area, cleft palate, cleft lip, et cetera. The Birth defects from taking Zofran are so severe that it even puts a halts the journey of a embryo to becoming a child.

If you wish to know, Is Zofran safe during breastfeeding, then it must be said that enough studies have not been carried out sufficiently to identify the link between ondansetron and breast feeding. Basically Zofran and breastfeeding kellymom is considered to be posing no side effect on the mother and child. This medication comes from kellymom and falls under the B medicine which is the L1 and L2 breastfeeding category.

The Zofran pregnancy risk birth defect became a household topic of discussion. Every couple wanting to enter the phase of parenthood started refraining from taking this drug. Adding fuel to fire, the lawsuit made things more awful for the drug. Even the FDA did not stay behind in prohibiting the usage of Zofran. The couple started deciding they would rather live with it than going for its precaution.

The guidelines issued by American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists



ACOG Nausea and vomiting guidelines, highlights the diagnostic and managerial methods to counter the evils of illness of dawn, that is: nausea and vomiting during the pre-natal juncture. It gives you a list of certain medications which you must not take in order to avoid any sort of birth defects. Moreover, it has also asked to weigh the number of merits and pitfalls, which each medication provides. Nausea vomiting pregnancy ACOG guidelines state that around half of the population of the pregnant women has to face the problem of nausea. It also states that, if the impediment of vomiting and nausea are treated earlier, the chances of hospitalization in the future will be considerably less. If three pills of vitamin are taken before the three weeks of conception, then the chances of having nausea reduces to a great level.

According to ACOG hypothyroidism in pregnancy is not a rare scenario, normal pregnancy and hypothyroidism influences the reports of thyroid. During the time of pregnancy, the values that are influenced by the hormone of serum thyroid binding get changed significantly. The thyroxine secretion increases considerably by the thyroid gland which is responsible for increase in weight, higher metabolic rates, et cetera. It is also advisable for the expecting mothers to monitor their iodine intake in order to ensure full fledged mental growth of the fetus.

The report issuing ACOG guidelines for hyperemesis gravidarum talks about the various symptoms that takes place during hyperemesis gravidarum (complication of pregnancy), like: disturbance in sleep, irregular sleep pattern, anxiety, irritability, depression, alterations in mood (mood swings), the concentration level goes down, hyperolfaction, et cetera. Though the exact cause is not known but often symptoms get better by the passage of time generally after the completion of twenty weeks of the gestation period.

The issue of health warning

FDA warns against the use of Zofran in pregnancy as it comes under the section B medication. Medicines that come under the section B medication are known to be causing potential risks to the pregnant women and her unborn child. Some of the risks caused to the other are as follows: Agitation, irritation, anxiety, Serotonin syndrome, alteration in neuromuscular area and the autonomic instability. These are some of the reasons as to why it is prohibited to consume Zofran during the time of pregnancy.

Therefore, even the doctors today are refraining from prescribing the dosage of Zofran to the pregnant women. Now women prefer bearing some of the side effects of motherhood than the side effects of Zofran. The loss due to the drug irreparable.

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